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Lunawood Contest

Foglia - pavillon en bois

Foglia is a mobile city pavilion located on the square in the center of the Corsican town of Ajaccio – Place Miot.

The dynamic, round form reflects the nature of the environment which is focused on outdoor activities and events.

A translucent design allows for visual penetration of the surroundings, leaving also an open view of the bay.

The lack of any facilities permanently connected with the square is intended to adapt the space to the changing requirements of organized events, but because of this, this space is not used by residents most days of the year.

Introducing the mobile pavilion to the square will revive the space on normal days. During the events, the pavilion can perform the functions of the stage, the central exhibition zone or the impressive entrance zone. The pavilion can also serve smaller events without the need to use unsightly tents.

The object was developed entirely from Lunawood elements and appropriate joints.

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Date: Septembre 2019