The idea is to create a natural living system, that satisfies all skin care needs with no chemical and water supplies use. It is about mixing the nature with a developed intelligent as a solution to the challenges of modern world. The project is a hybrid created by combining a plant with an electronic system. It is addressed to all mankind. It can take a home bathrooms place or can be dropped in places with a difficult conditions. The only thing that it needs to work are the humans wastes.

Grow it is a proposal project for the 2017 Jump the Gap competition organized by Roca with the collaboration of BCD Barcelona Design Centre.
The aim and theme of the contest was to create and design innovative sustainable solutions for the bathroom and related products; 
make a concepts with technologies that we may not even be able to imagine today; make a design of tomorrow when the limitations of today will not apply.

How does it work

How it is built

Bathroom of the future

Jump the Gap 2017


First part- the ‘egg’, contains prefabricated electronic system that stimulate the plant cells to quick reproductions. A group of devices processes human waste into nutritional value for the plant and produces an extra energy. This part is built from the recycled materials that we product a lot right now and they can not decompose in the ground so there will be probleming surplus of them in the future. Second part - the ‘flower,’ is a trigeminal genetically modified plant based on aloe with a mix of genomes of several plants with skin cleansing, healing and nourishing properties. The internal parts of the plant react with the human skin, to secrete the right amount of active fluids. Plant tissue is supported and navigated by a rigid skeleton made of minerals, corresponding to the natural shell structure.



Growing society determines the increased production of material goods, which current methods pollute our planet making it unfriendly to life. Progressive urbanization leaves less and less space for the natural environment, what in the future can make plants just a privilege for the rich. Taking care of our skin we reach for the products of which the ingredients are based on the properties of some herbs, but they are still in support of chemical compounds that we do not need and which sideburns often adversely affect our body. Instead of this we could have fresh and 100% natural fluids that are precisely adapted to our individual needs and produced just when we need them. That is why our advanced technology should be used not to produce artificial objects and chemical products, but to create new cyber organisms, which are programmed to fulfilling a specific role and whose life in kind of symbiosis with man meets the needs of both sides.


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