Drop of Care

Competition Project

Packaging design for Nexxus 

The aim of the competition was to redesign the packaging of Nexxus hair care shampoo and conditioner to add value to the product experience and bring to life the brand’s proposition.

How does it add value to the consumer’s life and improve the user experience?

- The way of using the packing is very comfortable and fast. After opening the plug for the first time, product can be reached using only one hand by touching only one element.

- Thanks to the separated applicator, dosage and application is much more precise.

- Product is applied directly on hair what keeps user calm that the product will not sneak out between the fingers and fall down.

- Catching product directly from the bottom of the bottle makes user sure that he used every last drop of it, all this without touching the bottle

- All elements of the packing do not slip out from hands thanks to the patterned surfaces

- The streamlined shapes enjoy the eyes


How does it bring to life the brand’s proposition “Nature and earth united with science”?

- shape of the packing, on the one hand resembles natural elements like river stone, egg, drop. On the other hand, when we look at the hexagonal pattern, it gives us more technological impression. Then the drop of water looks more like an ampoule, what takes our thoughts further- to a laboratory.

- It would be great if the company could use an ecological materials (e.g. Eastman Tritan) for the production of the packing

What elements of your design make the packaging stand out from all other brands?

- totally different shape from the other packing of this type of products

- patterned surface

- separated applicator


How will women easily understand whether it is shampoo or conditioner?

- Shampoo bottle is all white (excluding text) while the conditioner bottle has a frame around the applicators niche. Color of the frame corresponds to the color of the applicator

- Shampoo applicator is all in one colour, while the conditioner applicator has a white ring at the bottom. This diversity makes user sure about which product he is applying at the moment.


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