Competition project for adaptation and reconstruction of the Nowa Wozownia building in Warsaw
The property is located in the Łazienki Królewskie park (Warsaw, Poland) and is entered in the register of monuments. The building will features didactic, exhibition facilities and offices. The planned investment involves the reconstruction of a one-story building on two-storeyed building with an extended ground floor with a glazed part and a garage.
The design responds to client requirements, combining contemporary construction trends with the historic architecture of the building.
PoMiMo creative group  was invited to collaborate on the project by  PORTAL  Sp.z o.o.

Competition Organizer:

Museum of Hunting & Horsemanship in Warsaw

Date: Julay 2017

Score: 2nd place

art gallery - orangery
art gallery - view from the garden
art gallery - front view
art gallery - orangery
art gallery - interior
art gallery - interior
art gallery - elevations
art gallery - plan
art gallery - cross-section